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what is gluten free pizza

What is gluten free pizza?

What is Gluten Free pizza? Gluten free pizza is becoming increasingly more common and popular for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. But what

Whether you’re throwing a party or you’ve just invited some of your friends around, pizza is always a great option. Now you just need to work out how much pizza to order making sure everybody has enough and not too much left over. 

Our Pizza Calculators below will help you decide how many pizzas to order and which Pizza brand gives you the best value. Our Price Comparison Calculator lets you check the price of your favourite brand pizza and compare it to other brands. This is also perfect if you know already how many pizzas you need and simply want to work out your catering budget. 

The How Many Pizza Do I need To Order Calculator looks at the number of adults and children you’re entertaining, their hunger lever and the pizza size to work out how many you need to order. We have included a basic/premium pizza field to give you a good guide at the overall cost from each of the major brands.

Entertaining a flock of kids for a birthday party? No problem. Our Kids Party Pizza Calculator lets you work out how many Pizzas you need to order based on age of the children. It also takes into consideration the size and brand of the pizza as well as parents will be eating as well.

Pizza Price Comparison Calculator

Not sure which brand of pizza is the best value for money? Try our calculator below to compare the prices and size of leading US pizza brands to save yourself some dough!

If you already know the brand of pizza and don’t require a comparison, just use one of the calculators below to work out your budget. 

1. In each of the two columns below select a pizza brand, e.g. Domino’s, Pizza Hut etc.

2. Make a selection of the type of pizza.

3. Select the size of the pizza.

4. Select how many you would like.

5. Repeat 2 – 4 if you want to order two varieties of pizza.

6. Follow steps 1 – 5 for the second brand column.

7. The price comparison can be found at the bottom of each column. Change any variable as many times as you like.

(The total cost is based on classic crust and does not include any extra toppings, delivery prices or current specials)

How Many Pizzas Do I Need?

Use this pizza calculator if you are organising a pizza delivery for a party, large group or family and you’re not sure how many pizzas to order. 

1. Enter the number of adults and children eating pizza.

2. Choose your appetite level.

3. Select the brand of pizza.

4. Select the pizza size.

5. Select standard or premium price range.

6. The number of pizzas and estimated total price will be displayed at the bottom automatically.

7. Adjust any of the variables to suit your needs.

Children's Party Calculator

The childrens’ party calculator is ideal to work out how many pizzas you will need to fill up the little ones with pizza. We’ve included variables for children age and for the number of moms and dads that will be eating the pizza as well.

1. Enter the number of children eating pizza at the party.

2. Choose the average age range of the children.

3. Add the number of parents/adults also eating.

4. Select the pizza brand and size.

5. Select standard or premium price range.

6. The number of pizzas required will be displayed automatically.

7. Adjust any of the variables to suit your needs.

(Sizes are based on a 13+ year old eating a standard serving of 3 slices of a 30cm diameter pizza with a 4 – 6 year old eating half a standard serving.)

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