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The Best Pizza Restaurants in Hawaii Big Island (2023 Guide)

There’s nothing quite like a delicious slice of pizza. If you’re looking for some of the best pizza restaurants in Hawaii big island, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite spots, so you can enjoy this classic dish no matter where you are on the island. Whether you’re in Kailua-Kona or Hilo, we know there’s a great pizza restaurant nearby that will satisfy your cravings. 

restaurants in hawaii big island

Address: 82-6127 Hawaiʻi Belt Rd #3, Captain Cook, HI 96704
Phone: (808) 731 6162
Services: Dine In / Outdoor seating / Curbside pickup / 

Black Rock Pizza has become a favorite among locals and tourists. Located in the center of Captain Cook, they make an extensive array of delicious pizzas and tasty salads, plus they have local beer on tap.

The interior has been nicely remodeled, and there is plenty of seating inside and out the front.

Service was quick, friendly and efficient. Black Rock Pizza also has the option to pick up uncooked pizzas so you can take them home and bake them in the oven (which might be a good option if you’re far from home). Best to call ahead if you want to pick up during the busy dinner rush.

Address: 73-5618 Maiau St, Kailua-Kona, HI 967407
Phone: (808) 333 3400
Services: Dine In / Take out / 

Big Island Pizza opened in March 2006. Uncompromising attention to the quality of ingredients is just the beginning. The highest quality produce and meats are procured from local farmers and businesses.

All the recipes for pizza combinations, salads, dressings, sauces, and deli meats were developed in the BIP kitchen until they were perfect.

Recipes were developed to have a WOW factor….if one didn’t say WOW after one bite, it didn’t go on the menu. The process has stayed the same for almost two decades. Our customers can be assured a flavorful, high-quality experience by creating unique flavour profiles.

Big Island Pizza is stone oven baked with that fantastic New York-style thin crust. This allows you to savor and taste the variety of fresh ingredients while not filling up too quickly with so much crust.

The dedicated staff provides friendly, attentive services to ensure that your visit with us is pleasant. Big Island Pizza is your pizza palace if you are looking for a cheerful, family-friendly restaurant offering premium pizzas.

Address: 64-974 Hawaiʻi Belt Rd, Waimea, HI 96743
Phone: (808) 885 7888
Services: Dine In / Take out 

pizza restaurants in hawaii big island

Underground pizza is your Italian Pizzeria serving traditional specialties and classic homemade pizzas since 1979. The pizzeria that started “in the basement” creates dishes with fresh ingredients.

Enjoy many styles of pizzas with your family at this restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant’s ambience includes brick-patterned walls and an indoor dining area of modern designed furnishing. In addition, the restaurant’s chef includes an activity of teaching children to make pizzas.

The extensive menu includes a wide range of pizza toppings on your pizza, calzones, and salads. Vegetarians can also enjoy veggie-only pizzas.

They serve whole pies and pizza by the slice at James Angelo’s. Once you discover this place, you are going to be hooked. You may not be able to look at another pizza the same way again after tasting a slice here. The combination of big flavours, huge portions and friendly staff make this a winner every single time

Address: 475 Kinoole St, Hilo, HI 96720
Phone: (808) 769 4202
Services: Dine In / Take out 

When people visit Antics Pizza, they’ll find gaming consoles at each table. On his retro consoles like Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega, there are about 20 to 30 games on each system. Newer systems like the PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have 10 to 15 games on each. From classics like Pac-Man, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Zelda to newer games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Madden NFL — Antics Pizza has got them all.

Menu names include Sonic the VegHead, Bradda Yosemite Sam, Pacman’s Luau, The Cheesy Karen, and of course, the Pandemic Pizza, which Ambagis said is one of his top sellers. Ambagis admits the big reason why they all have funny names is that he and his friends were drunk once they got all the pizzas down.

When he first opened doors, Antics Pizza had three employees and was only open four hours a day, five days a week. Today, he has 12 workers, and the place is open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Address: 74-5586 Palani Rd, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Phone: (808) 731 7553
Services: Dine In / Take out 

pizza restaurants in hawaii big islands

Located in the Kona Coast Shopping Center, this popular eatery encourages you to roll out the creativity in building your favorite pies. You can keep it simple with cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Or go all out by loading each pie with all the toppings you can muster.

They only offer their pizzas in two sizes: 16 and 18 inches. And they roll out the dough perfectly thin to emulate that classic New York style.

You’re always welcome to pick your toppings one by one. But they also have several signature creations, if you prefer, like their ever-popular Manhattan Supreme. After that, you have to choose their amazing drizzle to elevate the pizza flavors even more.
Kona Crust opens daily 11am – 9pm.

Address: 45-3490 Mamane St unit g, Honokaa, HI 96727
Phone: (808) 775 1666
Services: Dine In / Take out 

Are you looking for a fantastic spot for cold brews and tasty bar food? If so, you need to take a trip over to the Honokaa Public House. As a true local favorite on the Big Island, this bar brings in people from far and wide on a daily. On top of that, they welcome talented musicians on the stage to entertain their patrons and host wild karaoke and open mic nights to remember.

To experience all this bar offers, you just have to waltz through the doors at your convenience. The team will throw warm alohas your way and then get to work in helping you enjoy an excellent dining experience.

They have burgers, pizza, and everything in between, along with plenty of tasty appetizers to whet your appetite. You really cannot go wrong no matter what you order since they make everything from scratch using fresh, local ingredients.

The food and drinks are more than reason enough to stop by early and often. But if you want to enjoy live music while you dine, plan your visit for Friday and Saturday evenings. If you’d like to hear from up-and-coming artists, come by on Wednesday instead for their open mic nights. As for karaoke, that’s an everyday occasion for all who want to participate. For happy hour specials, come through between 3 pm and 6 pm each day.

Address: 75-5742 Kuakini Hwy #102, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Phone: (808) 329 2211
Services: Dine In / Take out 

Longboard Legends Pizza is located in catty corner of Kuakini and Hualalai. Their portions are enormous, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

They pride themselves on using fresh ingredients while combining local favorites and traditional dishes that aren’t standard to pizza. For instance, they have a stone-baked taro pizza. For those unfamiliar with taro, it has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet since ancient times. The plant is grown in water, and the root is eaten and has been compared to the likes of a potato. A couple of favorites off the menu to include the Beach Boy and the Big Island Adventure.

Address: 78-6831 Ali‘i Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Phone: (808) 322 0377
Services: Dine In / Curbside pickup

Since Kona hosts the World Championship Ironman every October, this restaurant has been a gathering place of triathletes from around the world who love to talk shop and carb-load for the big event. Bianelli’s serves that standard medium-thick crust.

Bianelli’s specializes in deep dish and New York-style hand-tossed pizzas. Conveniently situated within the Keauhou Shopping Center, this restaurant should provide plenty of fuel for a shopping trip — or a treat to end a busy day. The pizza is available for pickup, but the pleasant ambience makes dining in worthwhile when you have time to spare.

The restaurant primarily focuses on pizza and pasta, with choices of pupus, calzones, salads and sandwiches also available. The meatball sub has garnered a loyal following for those looking to try something other than pizza.

Vegans adore this pizzeria, as it provides enticing options for those who prefer to avoid animal products. The dairy-free mozzarella won’t feel like a compromise, nor will toppings such as fresh mushrooms, eggplant, or roasted red peppers. Gluten-free visitors will be pleased to find accommodating crusts used for exclusive ten-inch pizzas.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Hawaii is home to a diverse array of delicious pizza restaurants that offer a wide variety of pies to suit all tastes. Some of the top pizza restaurants in the state include Black Rock Pizza, Antics Pizza, Kona Crust and more.

These restaurants consistently receive high praise from customers for their delicious pizzas, friendly service, and great atmosphere. Anyone looking for a great pizza experience in Hawaii should definitely check out one of these top pizza restaurants.

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