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Top Pizza Restaurants in Orcas Island for 2023

Orcas island might be best known for its natural beauty, but it also has some great pizza restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a classic slice or something more unique, these places have you covered. Here are the best pizza restaurants in Orcas island.

restaurants in orcas island

Address: Same as Island Skillet location, 325 Prune Alley, Eastsound, WA 98245, United States
Phone: (360) 376 2085
Services: Dine-in / Takeaway

Pizzeria Portofino is one of the most popular pizza places on the island. Open since 1991; the restaurant has been serving up fresh, made-to-order pizzas for over two decades. The dough is made fresh daily, and diners can watch as their pizza is prepared in the open kitchen. Pizzeria Portofino is the perfect place to enjoy some Island time with a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful waterfront view. The average cook time for pizzas is 20-30 minutes, so diners can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while they wait for their meal.

Address: 460 Main St, Eastsound, WA 98245, United States
Phone: (360) 376 4647
Services: Dine-in / Takeaway

If you’re looking for a fantastic pizza experience, Hogstones Wood Oven is the place for you. The pizzas are large enough for 1-2 people and loaded with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The wine list is excellent, and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The only downside is that their pizzas are a little overpriced, but this is to be expected on an island. Overall, Hogstones Wood Oven is a great place for amazing pizza

Address: 11 Jack and Jill Pl, Eastsound, WA 98245, United States
Phone: (360) 376 2505
Services: Dine-in / Takeaway

My Island Pie was opened in the quiet setting of Deer Harbor to share their love for the area’s surrounding beauty with locals and visitors alike. The San Juan Islands are a special place, and they wanted to capture that in the restaurant. My Island Pie is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with stunning views. The seasonal squash pizza, savory focaccia, and roasted beet salad are all delicious dinner items complemented by the beer and wine selection. Guests will find that all our meals are served in a casual atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy their time on the island.

Address: 1400 Rosario Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245, United States
Phone: (360) 376 2222
Services: Dine-in / Takeaway

The Mansion Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with a stunning view. Cascade Bay is a beautiful waterfront location, and The Mansion Restaurant is on the Moran Mansion’s original veranda. The menu features fresh, locally sourced, and creative house-made seasonal cuisine by the culinary team. So whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, The Mansion Restaurant is sure to have something to suit your taste. And with a fantastic view of Cascade Bay, you won’t be able to resist spending some time on the veranda enjoying the scenery.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Orcas Island offers a variety of delicious pizza options for visitors and locals alike. Some of the best pizza restaurants on the island include Hogstone’s Wood Oven, which serves wood-fired pies with a variety of toppings, and Island Pie, which offers both classic and creative pizza options. Additionally, The Mansion Restaurant at Rosario Resort & Spa at is a great spot for a casual pizza dinner with a beautiful view of the water. No matter what your pizza preferences are, Orcas Island has something to offer everyone.

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